Wade's Southern Sauce
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Creating Wade’s Southern Sauce

About 27 years ago our Dad and his buddies were arguing and bragging about who made the best smoked ribs so they decided to have a cookoff and invite a bunch of friends and have them eat and vote on who made the best ribs.  They have been having this cookoff annually ever since.  Through the years our Dad came up with this sauce recipe and we started winning the competition or placing in the top 3 every year.  People were always asking if we could make some sauce for them to take home.  So, one day my brother and I got the idea that we would figure out how to bottle the sauce.  We started making it for friends and family out of the house.  People told us of all the different recipes they were using our sauce in and we realized this was “more than just a BBQ sauce” so we called it Wade’s Southern Sauce.   It is the “perfect sweet sauce” that goes great on any meat and is also ideal as an ingredient when cooking.  It is the most unique, most versatile sauce to hit the market in a long time.   We learned that kids absolutely love our sauce.  People with picky eaters said all they had to do was put Wade’s Southern Sauce on it and the kids would clean the plate.  Kids say it is “Better than Ketchup”.     

Due to all the feedback from customers that like spicy foods wishing the sauce was hotter, we created Wade’s Flamin Sauce.  This is our Wade’s Southern Sauce with plenty heat to get your attention, but still makes your food flavorful.  This sauce is quickly becoming as popular as the original.  

Wade’s Southern Sauce has gone from being in two stores in 2017 to over 20 stores in North Georgia within the past 7 months.  We are in several Ingles grocery stores in North Georgia and two in North Carolina.  Our products are also in GMC Value Mart in Rome, GA and the Piggly Wiggly in Lindale, GA.  We are also in three restaurants in Rome, GA.  We are the house BBQ sauce at the Brewhouse in Rome, GA.  You can get our sauces at Giggity’s in Rome, GA and our Sauce is on the BBQ Wings at the El Zarape Mexican restaurant in Rome, GA.  We are continuing to grow and get into more stores across the Southeast.


We have recently created our Wade’s Smokey Mustard Sauce.   Just like all of our other sauces it is all natural.  This is a spicy mustard sauce with a smoky flavor that is just excellent.   This sauce is great on anything from burgers to hot dogs, sandwiches, chicken, vegetables and more.  If you’re looking for a great mustard base sauce that will kick up the flavor of anything you put it on, then try our Wade’s Smoky Mustard Sauce.